Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer diet for one week

Summer diet for one week

Hello my friends!
Today I want to tell you about a good diet, called "Summer diet for one week."
On the counter in the shop, we can easily buy some fruits, vegetables, herbs, salads. They will help us to lose weight well and burn excess fat. This diet is called "Summer diet for one week." This diet is good to use in the summer and in the heat, because at that time a weak appetite.
If you just stick to the menu, which is designed for 7 days and observe the rules - you can get very good results up to 5000 grams. How to lose weight? This question bothers many. It is a process that takes place itself, you only need a little effort at least a week!

Barley diet from Russia

Barley diet

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Very often, people who want to lose weight, do not eat foods that cause obesity. Very often, so think of the mess. However many countries nutritionists say that using whole grains, you can get rid of the 7 pounds in one week. It is also very good to clean your body of toxins that are piling up in our body because of the adverse conditions in the city. Nutritionists recognize pearl barley best for those who want to lose weight. Bake pearl barley in different ways. You can cook gruel for good digestion. You can cook crumbly mess for good bowel.
Good diet - my mom that helped remove excess weight 3000 grams for 1 week. It's certainly not much, but she was very happy with the result. In addition, this diet does not torment strong feelings of hunger.